How To Find Your Brand Voice—and Make it Sing

Have you heard of Liz Feezor? She’s pretty amazing. Liz recently quit her corporate job working in human resources to launch her own company, Liz Feezor Creative, which provides creative consulting and writing and editing services. Before launching her business, she took a year to interview several entrepreneurs in the creative field about their jobs—and that’s how we met. A mutual friend introduced us via email, and after a coffee and a chance encounter at a Boss Babes event, we were friends. When she launched her company earlier this summer, she reached out to her network asking for volunteers to help her with beta testing for Liz Feezor Creative, and I volunteered. Liz helped me craft and rewrite most of the language on my website after a thorough and productive morning session—and she was pleasant, professional and punctual with all of the deliverables. She even provided some recommended reading material! Love this lady.

Liz is co-hosting a workshop, “Pitch your Brand,” with Pitch ATX on September 17, so I asked her to write a high-level overview of the workshop.  Don’t miss it!

Liz Feezor, photo by Liz Cagle

Liz Feezor, photo by Liz Cagle

by Liz Feezor

We’ve all heard the tired marketing cliché: CONTENT IS KING.

Like it or not, it’s the absolute truth. It’s never been more important to get your messaging just right: we oscillate constantly between screens and devices, ingesting the day’s news and opinions as reflexively as we breathe in and out. How do we differentiate ourselves in a world that’s constantly churning out content?

Brand messaging is particularly important to get right: if your message doesn’t land with your audience, you lose potential customers and sales. Whether we realize it or not, our brand is an extension of ourselves: who we are, what we stand for, why we do what we do, and how we’re making a larger impact on the world.

How do we make sure that the content we put out there is reaching the people we want to connect with? These are three steps to create a brand voice that cuts through the noise and lands with your audience:

Get back to basics. Many clients I work with sell an amazing product or service, but don’t articulate the purpose behind their passions. Every business needs to make money, but what is the bigger “why” behind it all? Establish a set of core values, have a stated mission and/or purpose, and a list of goals. Every piece of content you create moving forward should be aligned with this core messaging.

Fine-tune your voice. When the messaging you share is based on your values and your “why”, it becomes a natural voice for your brand. You use your brand voice to communicate messages on different channels, and adjust the tone of your brand voice to reach different audiences. What you share on social media might differ from a print ad or an e-mail marketing newsletter, but should all be written in the same voice, centered around your core messaging.

Say it loud, say it often. When you share your message, it should be pointed and specific, consistent with your brand voice, and in line with the values and purpose you’ve established for your brand. Repetition is key: once your brand voice is established, putting out consistent, purposeful messaging is what sticks in the minds of potential customersand what leads to sales.

Ultimately, the messaging we share should be as pointed and specific as we can make it in order for it to land with our desired audience. When you operate based on a set of principles that you advertise through your messaging, this will resonate with the people you want to do business with -- and create the growth you want.

Want to learn more? Liz is co-hosting a brand messaging workshop with PitchATX on Monday, September 17th at the Refinery in Austin. Grab your ticket here and learn more about Liz’s services at her website.