How We Work

Small Coffee is values-based company that honors the relationships within our business ecosystem: our clients, our peers and ourselves. The name Small Coffee comes from the Spanish word "cafecito," which literally translates to "little coffee." It's also the Latin custom of breaking for coffee and a snack in the afternoon; a daily ritual when co-workers and friends stop what they're doing to share ideas and re-energize. While living in the mountains of Costa Rica as a Peace Corps Volunteer, Clarisa Ramirez learned more about the coffee farmers she lived with in her village, and accomplished a heck of a lot, during these moments. In the spirit of cafecito, we've been helping brands amplify their brands through strategic public relations and grassroots marketing campaigns since launching in January 2015.

Our Mission

Small Coffee connects socially-conscious brands with people who share their values. We promote brand awareness and customer loyalty by creating purposeful social connections, community-based promotions and situational brand positioning that makes a lasting impact.

Our Core Values

Create unapologetically;

Communicate openly;

Work enthusiastically;

Care personally.

Who We Are

Clarisa Ramirez   Founder, Principal

Clarisa Ramirez
Founder, Principal

A media maven and a champion for social causes, Clarisa Ramirez is a public relations powerhouse with social impact at the heart of her work. Her clients value her warm, transparent style and her values-based approach to public relations. She views her role in PR as a conduit for community partnerships, connecting socially-conscious brands with the right audience in purposeful ways.

Equipped with a Media Management certificate and an MS in Interactive Publishing from Northwestern University, Clarisa leverages her journalism background to elevate small businesses and increase her clients’ brand awareness and customer loyalty. Raised in Indonesia and Qatar as a child, Clarisa synthesizes her global experience and unique approach to brand storytelling to plan and execute successful marketing strategies that seek to think globally, act locally; amplifying brands to tell their big stories.

Clarisa began her career in Austin as a freelance journalist for local and national  publications. She was Yelp’s first employee in Texas, served as a Community Economic Development Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica, and worked in marketing for global nonprofit buildOn before returning to Austin to break out on her own. In January 2015, Clarisa launched Small Coffee, a boutique PR and marketing agency that connects authentic, community-minded brands with businesses, organizations, and influencers who  share their values.

Clarisa serves as a board member for the Girls Empowerment Network and the Austin  Symphony BATS, and volunteers with the Heart of Texas Peace Corps Association and Women Communicators of Austin.  In her free time, she enjoys cycling, exploring Austin’s green spaces with her husband, and leading a monthly article club to explore big, global ideas with a smaller community.